Interview with Hayden Peters, Mourning Jewelry Historian and Collector

Mourning jewelry represents a beautiful legacy - the art of remembering those who have gone before. In my attempts to understand the rich symbolism and language of mourning jewelry, I return time and time again to Hayden Peters' site, Art of Mourning ( As a jewelry historian and collector, Hayden's expertise is extraordinary. Subscribe to his blog posts at, and you'll receive daily facts and features - I especially look forward to Symbolism Sundays.





Interview with Alix Bluh, Mourning Jewelry Designer

Alix Bluh, an artist and jewelry designer based in San Francisco, has a true understanding of the spirit behind mourning jewelry. Her work is both timeless yet modern, and her pieces are instant heirlooms that will be treasured forever. To see her work, please visit her store Modern Relics, either online at, or in San Francisco (a brief walk from the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.)





Interview with Brent Goerz, Owner of Simple Pine Boxes

When it comes to memorial services, I've noticed a tendency to complicate things. It's as if our grief is measured by glitz. So when I came across Brent Goerz's site Simple Pine Boxes, I was moved by the beauty of its simple message. Brent's philosophy is affordability, sustainability, and above all, family participation. He believes that when funeral industries took over the work of burial, they also deprived men of processing their grief. For DIY coffins, completed coffins, urns, and other simple boxes for everyday use, please visit Brent's site and blog.