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Prix Prix (wallets & beaded tie necklaces)

There's nothing like the memory of a father's tie. Instead of storing it in the closet, have it made into something that can become part of your everyday life. Durable polyester ties can be upcycled into wallets, while delicate silk ties are ideal for necklaces.





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Leah Sutton (Knit corsage frames)

Leah Sutton offers these lovely knit brooch/corsages. These are a wonderful alternative to a traditional corsage for two reasons - they will last forever, and they can also hold a small portrait to remember someone by. Precious little frames provide a warm and cozy alternative to traditional metal frames.





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Bee Yourself Designs (laptop covers, iphone, ipad, sunglass holders, wristlet key fob)

Wrap your tech items in the cozy warmth of upcycled sentimental clothing. Old quilts, flannels, curtains, etc can become covers for laptops, phones, mp3 players, anything that needs extra protection.






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Don't Quilt Your Day Job

Pet beds, ipod cozies, laptop covers, and many other items can be created from old clothing. Don't Quilt Your Day Job can take nearly any material and make it into something meaningful.